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U.S. 2020 Census Data

US State Census Bureau

Access valuable demographic insights with the U.S. 2020 Census Data provided by the United States Census Bureau. Gain access to a comprehensive dataset encompassing population statistics, housing trends, socioeconomic indicators, and more. Utilize this authoritative resource for informed decision-making, policy analysis, academic research, and strategic planning across various sectors. With its wealth of information and meticulous data collection methodology, the U.S. 2020 Census Data serves as a cornerstone for understanding the demographic landscape of the United States.

V12 Data ZIP+4 Financial Demographics

Porch Group Media

V12 Data’s ConsumerPlus combines multiple consumer data files, creating the most accurate information resource with the broadest coverage available. ConsumerPlus is rebuilt quarterly and V12 Data Exchange Products will be updated in the same schedule. Available data on 260+MM consumers over the age of 18, enhanced with demographics, shopping behavior, lifestyle categories has been processed to remove Contact Information and provide ZIP+4 geographic containers with demographic averages.