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Today’s consumers are complex, and so is their data. Just a survey won’t cut it; you need to add app, web, and location data to truly understand what consumers want, bridging the gap between what they say and what they do. Effortlessly filter by specific customer demographics and discover top-ranked apps based on frequency usage. See website traffic and built-in KPIs that track live changes in the data. See where your customers spend time offline – With validated location data.


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Validated consumer app traffic, web traffic and location traffic, combining survey + behavior data across app, web, and location. Giving you data you can trust and act upon in real-time, for an affordable price.

MFour owns and operates the highest rated, most downloaded smartphone app in consumer research, Surveys On The Go®. 150,000+ monthly active U.S. consumers have opted in to share their physical location visits, app usage, mobile web clickstream and demographics. Data is available from both Android and iOS consumers, making MFour the only Apple approved U.S. company collecting event-level iOS smartphone user behaviors at scale. On Android devices additional in-app Shopper (Amazon & Walmart), Media (YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime) and Audio (Spotify, Pandora, iHeart, Soundcloud and others) data is available. MFour trademarked the terms OmniTraffic® Data to represent location, app and web behaviors from the same consumer, and Fair Trade Data® because they fully comply with all iOS, Android, CCPA and other government policies plus pay their triple opted-in users a fair cash incentive.

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